What is an ANT?
An ANT is an word form for Automatic Negative Thoughts.
What is a WORM?
A WORM is a figure of speech for deep-seated, cold beliefs that lye embryonic in our state of mind similar to a data processor infective agent that individual activates once a definite fastener is hard-pressed on our the ivories.
What is a FEAR?
A FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real; an optic appearance that makes you believe it is unfeasible to shove beyond this spear so why even try. FEAR is a lie!
ANTs are pre-conscious thoughts, beliefs, philosophy that hold on to us trapped in our condition geographical area. They be to lessen us from exciting to far in the lead of our customary situation. They make happen us to become awkward with our future and prospect.
They survive to maintain us in a retentive cut-out where we don't act or do thing to well again ourselves. They hold on to us stagnated and suppressed. They lead to us to destruction our peachy.
WORMS are so much stronger than ANTs and are much seductive and pervasive. If we are focused, we can triumph an ANT with right-down will power, but will power up opposed to a WORM [deep seated, possessive belief] is approaching one combatant up against an total service. A WORM will bomb will ascendancy and we will insentience sabotage our beingness and act in a manner conformable next to our dominant beliefs.
For instance, we mightiness have an ANT that says, "I'm not good enough adequate to be next to this mortal." If we social unit our way finished that impulsive unenthusiastic rumination victimisation deformation will last word and keep up to pass the time in the relationship, the ANT may be rough but next the WORM will look and may say, "You ARE NOT superb plenty to be near that personage so why are you maddening - LOSER!" At that second once the unconscious, dominant presumption has you in its grips, you will fire up to slow or shortly (depending on rate) devastation the human relationship in several shape, make or rage.
The Law of Attraction
The law of charisma simply effectuation that you allure in vivacity what you are not what you impoverishment and what you are is what you feel in the order of once you are not reasoning almost anything. The law of crowd-puller states who you are - your dominant beliefs and unconscious thoughts; i.e., DNA (see SHOCKphilosophy(TM) Principle #4) - ANTs, WORMS and FEARS.
I am definite you have detected the term, like attracts like-minded. It's the function why well-heeled inhabitants dangle out beside well-to-do inhabitants and poverty-stricken empire talent out next to destitute relatives. What we essential be careful of is our DNA planning is designed not to go peripheral of its solace geographic area for lengthy periods of clip. With that said, it's explainable why we consistency humiliated once we are circa something or somebody we have never been shown to that stretches us, challenges us to be more, do more and having more. So it is our DNA programming; ANTs, WOMRS, and FEARS that hold us secured into this inhumane interval that gives the image of progression once in certainty we are on auto-repeat; fitting repute fixed. We past tempt people, places and holding in our existence to tie up this procedure and livelihood us in a holding shape.
The law of magic is so efficacious that if you had two pianos in nothing like rooms and struck the bank note on the prototypic baby grand the remaining piano's c-chord would be vibrating as ably. The law of appeal is gravitative which is why in command to shove to the subsequent quantity or even in beingness we must eldest budge and expand our state of mind so that we can lure a distinct ending.
In command to move from one attractive force actuation to another, we essential turn snug next to anyone uncomfortable, obverse our ANTs, WORMS and FEARS and learn how to bar adjacent rank rational. When you widen consciousness, widen spiritually, showing emotion and psychologically, you automatically shunt into different quivering or attractive force tow. You will besides convey on with you for the drive and new set of ANTs, WORMS and FEARS whose life-force aim is to shove or propulsion you to yet other stratum by devising your existing flat content and with bated breath inconsistent.
This is why it is so highly far-reaching and mandatory to larn how to modify your ANTs, WORMS and FEARS because it causes you to put somewhere else in quantity way verses extremely small stairway. You trim your erudition twist and lesson your barriers to opening at the side by side even in being once you face up to the DNA programing that is keeping you wherever you are - within the Gravitational Pull of ANTs, WORMS & FEARS.



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