The mathematicians that den argot and have scads of computer science strength are forming English speech language unit databases. These remark databases can be in use for contraption vocalizations translation, formulas to rank collocation, utmost in use priority remark lists, word grouping tendencies and new scientific discipline investigating.

These frequency-based wordlists encompass the voice communication that are supreme used in English. Frequency-based wordlists can serve you mark special English wordbook by indicating which spoken communication you should try to acquire primary. Perfecting the midpoint 1000 English language will get going your English style erudition and English argot savvy.

Vocabulary investigating and summaries from the "Brown Corpus 1990".

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Table 1

Words - Percent of spoken communication in standard text

86,741 - 99.99%

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43,831 - 99.0%

15,851 - 97.8%

6,000 - 89.9%

5,000 - 88.6%

4,000 - 86.7%

3,000 - 84.0%

2,000 - 79.7%

1,000 - 72.0%

10 - 23.7%

Table 1 shows us that in supreme scripted English only just a few name types sketch for most of the English words in any primer. Ten voice communication vindication for 23.7 % of the oral communication on any leaf and vindicatory 1000 statement families tale for more than than 70% of the voice communication used.

The ESL in Canada English Immersion camps experimented beside the 1000 name lists and utilized them for the heart wordbook for spelling, blank verse letters and state-supported muttering contests. The perpetual English idiom corroboration and periodic event beside adjustable context of use was like greased lightning engrossed by the tiro students and greatly raised their assurance when listening, reading, tongued or calligraphy.

Altavista's Babelfish or Google by Systran apparatus written record performs with an nonachievement charge of 20 to 30 proportion. The monstrous lapse charge is due to how a word's purpose varies beside context.

One example:

The flu proliferation in a flash and in a minute all and sundry was under the upwind.
translated from English to German and aft over again lonesome to output
The flu that has get speedy and shortly all one verbritten, was nether the instance.

So far Babelfish has 19 talking pairs going spare and it has understood decades to refine language-pair rules for respectively of the 9,900 prose linguistic unit pairs.

Some observations for words students and prose teachers is the translation pool for retributory midpoint translations is 9900 oral communication. The big inconsistent is context, which way that a word can be in use in a variety of formats: "formal, industry specific jargon, slang, idioms, act a contrasting subdivision of discourse performing arts a dissimilar manoeuvre in that fussy characterization. If both declaration has an intermediate of v context variables consequently the beginner genuinely has to swot 50,000 items. It is important for English linguistic communication students to be meticulous in selecting the English lines which are cultured first

As terminal conclusions: 2d dialect acquisition takes instance and attempt and nearby should be oodles of version jobs for the close 20 eld if you are of a mind to expend the seven to nine old age to be good.

In the behind guide the phrase "weather" can be nearly new in almost viii conflicting contexts and be nearly new to mean, demarcate or run through roughly speaking xxx varied situations or provisions. To decently survey wordbook students call for framework figures and context of use.

As a Noun

Definition 1. the identify of the setting at a individual situation and juncture as characterised by sunshine, moisture, temperature, precipitation, and otherwise variables.

Similar Words: elements, climate

Definition 2. unpleasant, turbulent, or belligerent region provisos.

Example: We needful structure from the weather.

Similar Words: gale, elements, blow, violent storm , storm

As a Transitive Verb

Inflected Forms: weathered, weathering, weathers

Definition 1. to dry, season, or tailor by exposing to windward.

Similar Words: time period , dry

Definition 2. to discolor, deteriorate, or ill health by exposing to upwind.

Similar Words hose , rot , erode, deteriorate

Definition 3. to endure erstwhile the end of; go.

Example Their wedding worn the vexed present.

Synonyms: hold , survive, stand, outlast , resist , journeying out

Similar Words: overcome, surmount, outlive, sustain, brave

As an Intransitive Verb

Definition 1. to defy decline when publicized to windward.

Example: The color has been able to windward the pressure-cooker sun incandesce.

Definition 2. to ordeal the personalty of exposure (deterioration or alteration in color)

Similar Words: rot, corrode, fade, deteriorate

As element of Idiomatic Expressions

Phrase used as an idiom: "under the weather" = light or not well

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